Who can apply for ESTA?
  • Argentinian passport holders who also hold a passport from either Chile, Spain, Italy or any of the Visa Waiver Countries (See the list of countries below)
  • Citizens of Visa Waiver Countries (See the list of countries below)

  • Apply for ESTA

ESTA and USA visa information

What is ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and is a way for the United States to pre-screen travelers bound for the United States. It is an online application and is meant for people who want to enter the US for tourism, transit, business or medical reasons.

Citizens of Argentina with dual citizenship

If you are a citizen of both Argentina and Chile, Spain, Italy, or one of the countries listed below, you are eligible to apply for ESTA. The online application is a much easier and efficient way of acquiring a US travel authorization. The advantage of having an online application for a USA visa is that citizens of the countries listed below no longer need to go to the US Embassy to get a USA visa, but can do this online. ESTA takes out the stress, hassle, and difficulties of applying for a visa.

Apply for ESTA


Citizens of Argentina with no additional passports

If you are a citizen of Argentina and do NOT have dual citizenship, you cannot apply for ESTA, but you may qualify for a B-2 Tourist Visa USA. If you are traveling to the United States for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, or for medical reasons, you may need to apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa. This USA visa requires you to visit the US Embassy and cannot be completed online. To make the visa application process easier, download one of our comprehensive US immigration guides containing all the information you need.

USA Visa Guide

Holders of expired B-2 Tourist Visas may want to renew or extend their visas. There is no “visa renewal” application at the U.S. Embassies because this is simply considered a new visa. However, some U.S Embassies might have an easier renewal process for travelers with expired visas.

The online ESTA Application consists of four easy steps:

  • Start new application
  • Submit travel and passport information
  • Make secure payment
  • Receive approved Travel Authorization

After you have completed and submitted the payment, you will get the confirmation email within 72hours. The ESTA application is only available for persons holding a valid passport from one of the countries that are part of the visa waiver program. To see if your country is part of the visa waiver program, see the list below.

  • AndoraAndorra
  • AustraliaAustralia
  • AustriaAustria
  • BelgiumBelgium
  • BruneiBrunei
  • ChileChile
  • Czech RepublicCzech Republic
  • DenmarkDenmark
  • estoniaEstonia
  • FinlandFinland
  • FranceFrance
  • GermanyGermany
  • GreeceGreece
  • HungaryHungary
  • IcelandIceland
  • IrelandIreland
  • ItalyItaly
  • JapanJapan
  • LatviaLatvia
  • LichtensteinLichtenstein
  • LithuaniaLithuania
  • LuxembourgLuxembourg
  • MaltaMalta
  • MonacoMonaco
  • NetherlandsNetherlands
  • New ZelandNew Zeland
  • NorwayNorway
  • PortugalPortugal
  • San MarinoSan Marino
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • SlovakiaSlovakia
  • SloveniaSlovenia
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • SpainSpain
  • SwedenSweden
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • TaiwanTaiwan
  • United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Apply for ESTA


I do not have a passport from any of the visa waiver countries. Can I still apply for ESTA?

No. Only travelers holding a passport from one of the visa waiver countries can apply for ESTA. However, if you hold dual citizenship, and one of the passports is from one of the visa waiver countries, you might be eligible to apply for ESTA.


What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship is if a person is regarded a citizen of more than one country. This person is often a holder of two passports.


Can Argentinian citizens apply for ESTA?

Travelers with only an Argentinian passport cannot apply for ESTA, as Argentina is not a part of the visa waiver program. However, if you hold a second passport from a visa waiver country, you might be able to apply for using your additional passport.


I cannot apply for ESTA. How can I obtain a visa?

Travelers from countries that are not part of the visa waiver program must apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy. To make this process easier, download the complete B-2 Tourist Application Guide.


Is the application form available in my language?

Yes – The application form is available in a variety of different languages.


My application was denied, what can I do now?

If your ESTA application was denied, you would have to apply for a tourist visa at the US Embassy. To make this process easier, purchase the complete B-2 Tourist Application Guide or a USA Visa Guide for more information.


Eligibility test

It is important to know if you are eligible to apply online before you submit your application. To check if you are qualified, click the button below.

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